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We offer nearly every service dealing with irrigation pumps and water wells in Malad City as well as the whole Idaho. Irrigation pumps can help you water land, crops or fields, or grassy landscapes.

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We are a full service irrigation company which includes everything from sump pumps, irrigation pumps, motors to pivot installation and pivot repair. Many people in Idaho rely on water from rivers and lakes for their home or irrigation needs which is something we can easily provide.

Buying Phase

We will advise you through the whole process on buying a perfect irrigation pump for your needs at the most affordable price.


MPI Water Solutions can help you get a brand new irrigation system installed or even completely replace your old water pump system.


We have the experience and equipment to fully repair and service your water well pump, no matter what kind of problem you encounter.


We can help you service and maintain your irrigation pump system in order to prevent any problems from occurring in the future.
Two solar pump systems on the field

Irrigation Pump Installation Services

If you decide to work with us, you can expect us to provide you with the best advice on what kind of system you should buy that can meet your needs. All of our products have been selected for their great performance and durability. We want to provide you with the best irrigation system that you can rely on for years to come. Then we will arrive at your property to install it for you and avoid worrying whether or not it will eventually stop working at the worst time possible.

Irrigation Pump Repair

Sometimes things may not go as well as planned. That’s where we can help you to fix your irrigation pump as soon as some problems occur. Here is what may cause problems with your irrigation pump system:

  • Dirt can significantly shorten the lifespan of your irrigation pump system.
  • Lack of adequate power can cause motor failures.
  • Lack of water supply can also shorten the life of your pump.
If your irrigation pump won’t turn on, if it starts to produce weird noises or if it just isn’t working as well as it used to, you will have to repair your irrigation pump to make it work again.
Man checking the heating system in home
Solar Pump System in the middle of the field

Irrigation Pump Maintenance

It’s recommended to routinely check your pumps for any issues before problems occur since prevention is always better than the cure! Not only will you prevent your pump from breaking up, but you will simultaneously increase the lifespan of your pump. Once the water pump is installed and it’s working, it’s fairly easy to just forget that it even exists. We can help you reduce the stress by scheduling routine maintenance at affordable rates.

Booster Pumps

Are you tired of having low water pressure and poor flow in your home or business? Pressure booster pumps are the ideal answer for increasing pressure for everything from home showers and faucets to high-demand commercial applications such as shower blocks, portable toilets, motels, and industrial systems.

Whether you need to increase the pressure of your mains water supply or pressurize your private water source, we have a solution to suit your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions — we’re always pleased to help!
Booster Station

Livestock Watering Systems

MPI Water Solutions understands that the investments you make in your livestock operations are important.

Livestock require a steady and adequate supply of water on a daily basis to ensure maximum health. It’s critical to ensure that animals have access to fresh, clean water in order to enhance their water intake, which will raise their dry matter intake and have an impact on their growth. It’s essential to have adequate water to suit your livestock’s demands.

Reach out and let’s talk about your requirements; we’ll set you up with the perfect system to meet your livestock’s daily water requirements.

Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and configurations, and they are used for a wide range of applications in the water treatment sector. Water storage tanks are an essential component of many household water systems, ranging in size from a small 5-gallon reverse osmosis tank that can be kept conveniently beneath your sink to a huge 120-gallon pressure tank.

A water storage tank is a container that gathers and stores water for later use and easy access. When you turn on your kitchen faucet, water is transported from the tank to the faucet, allowing you to have fresh water whenever you need it. contact us and we will help you in identifying the most suitable water storage tank for your specific needs.

T-L Systems

T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design. Components are zinc coated by T-L’s galvanizing plant to prevent rust. Features such as external flex joints, unexposed drive shafts, no universal joints, and the absence of contactors and fuses contribute toward making T-L systems trouble free.

Center Pivots

T-L’s hydrostatic drive delivers continuous machine movement, improves traction and has a strong hydraulic pump.

GPS Navigation System

It reduces the signal loss caused by tree lines and other obstacles and there is no electronic interference from power lines.

Corner Pivot Irrigation

T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L’s patented hydraulic alignment controls.

ULTRA Linear Tractor

This system allows you to irrigate adjacent parallel fields with one system and it can work in different orientations.

Pivot Management

T-L has several different options to control your pivot. From fully mechanical control, with no electronics to fail.

PMDI Systems

PMDI™ combines the efficiency of surface drip irrigation (95%) with the flexibility and economics of center pivot irrigation.



T-L pivot systems are protected by comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties. Planetary gearboxes are guaranteed for 8 years/24,000 hours, and worm gear drives are protected for 8 years/16,000 hours due to our hydraulic design and performance.



T-L systems are designed to deliver continuous movement. Gearbox wear is drastically reduced due to the absence of electrically driven system’s stop-start operation. Water and chemicals are evenly distributed over the crop.


No Spoking

Notice the non-uniform water application of the center pivot circles shown. This is known as “spoking,” which results from the start-stop operation of an electric drive pivot system. An electric pivot starts and stops 2,880 times a day at the end tower alone.

Aluminum Flat & Drum Screen

Aluminum Flat Screen and the Aluminum Drum Screen, are made to be used in areas where space is an issue. These screens prevent trash, rocks, and debris from getting into your pump and causing it to fail.


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