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Do you need help getting the water flowing properly through your home or even just getting the water in your home? Finding a good pump that addresses your needs is without a doubt a difficult task.

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We will help you choose the pump that you can rely on for years and if something were to accidentally happen to your water pump system, you will know that you are in good hands. Our engineers have been working with water pumps for years and we know the ins and outs, the pros and cons for all the popular pumps out there to help you choose the right pump for your needs.


We need to speak with you and fully understand your problem so we can find a solution that fits just right. Call us to schedule an appointment to assess the situation.


Once we understand how to best solve your particular problem, we will install the right pump system and conduct the proper testing to make sure it’s ready to take care of business.


Even the best pumps will run into problems eventually. We are always ready and willing to come out and take care of any malfunction that may occur. Save our number so you have it in case of emergencies.


Every pump system will work better and last much longer when it is properly maintained. We know each pump and what it requires so we’ll schedule proactive maintenance to ensure it keeps working all the time.

How does the whole process work?

Reach out to us and tell us what you’re trying to do. We’ll share our knowledge and experience and help you understand your options. Once you’ve decided on the right course of action, we will come out and install the pump and give you instructions on how to operate it and maintain it. If special maintenance is required, we’ll schedule that as well.

  1. Buy the right water pump for your needs.
  2. Have us install the new pump on your property.
  3. Understand how to operate and maintain your pump.
  4. Enjoy a steady flow of water for decades to come.
Water well pump system installed in home
Water Pump System placed in the garage

Water Well Pump Installations

We will help you with any aspect of your water well pump installation, from planning to completion. This will include helping you in determining which type of pump is most appropriate for your requirements. You and your family will benefit greatly from the expertise and experience that our experts have in the field of well pumps.

Several factors will be taken into consideration when deciding which type of pump to install, including the depth of the well, your budget and the level of maintenance that will be necessary. Call today (208) 815-0177.

Water Well Pump Repair And Maintenance

You can also just sit back and relax and let our engineers handle the maintenance. We will always advise you on products that can last for a really long time, but if something were to happen to your water pump, we would arrive at your property as soon as possible to help you fix it and get your water pumping system back up and running.
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Solar pump system installation
Solar pump in the middle of the hills
Solar pump system in the middle of the field

Solar Pumps

When you need to pump some water but you don’t have any electricity or other mode of power, a solar pump might be just what you need. A solar pump uses the power of the sun to generate electricity via a solar panel so your pump can operate independently and reliably.

Solar pumps are a common choice for situations where traditional methods of power are unavailable or when economics or environmental impact play a strong role in your considerations. They can be used when wind energy just isn’t cutting it or when you want to supplement traditional methods of power your pump such as grid electricity and petroleum.

A solar pump is made up of but a few components:

  • Solar Panel
  • Controller
  • Pump

The solar panel generates the electricity and the controller feeds the right amount of power to run the pump for proper operation. The controller also protects the pump system in case of a low power situation that could compromise the integrity of the pump over time.

In some cases a take is also required to store the water for later use. If the pump needs power when there is no sunlight, a battery can be added to the system that charges during the day and operates the pump at night. At MPI we will help you identify the proper configuration for your system so you can relax and know things are working correctly.

If your pump is pulling water out of the ground to be stored for later use, you will need a water storage tank added to the system.

The most common situations that call for a solar pump are:

  • Pumping drinking water to a dwelling that is off-grid.
  • Pumping drinking water for livestock or irrigation.
  • Environmental impact is a primary concern of the owner.
  • The solar power acts as a backup to a main source of energy.

Maintenance Requirements for a Solar Pump

The maintenance requirements for solar pumps are reasonable. The main requirement is that the solar panel stays clean and free of dust that blocks the sunlight. A dirty solar panel will not generate the necessary electricity to power the pump system. Wires and housing must be checked occasionally to make sure all the components are protected. Some components may be susceptible to corrosion and paint must be added or some other coating to protect from water and rust.

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If you think a solar pump might be right for you, give us a call so we can come out and assess the situation. If a solar pump is what you need, we can provide you with the optimal system for your needs, install it, and maintain it in the future. Call today at (208) 815-0177

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